How to Send Email With a Previous Date

Immediate chat, messaging, and SMS are the key to fast communication. However, email can still act beneficially in different scenarios. We utilize it for sending quick emails, for sharing files, to archive agreements, or to chat. Almost half of the population has an email address as of March 2019, and the number of users increasing every year. The useful feature of the email is that it offers a tracking date of the mail. If you have bought something online on 11th February 2019, you can look for that mail by date and locate the receipt or the tracking confirming mail.

Though at times when users like to play with the data tracking and backdate the mail as it can displays as sent in previous date and time than what it exactly is. As you are trying to convince the boss that you have sent the mail for a particular project or convincing your teacher that you have sent an assignment before the deadline. You can do this for any genuine reason. If you want to send an email with the previous date, then this post might be useful for you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to execute it.

How to Send Backdated Mail

The most basic method to send an mail with the backdating is to change the time of the Computer to the similar that you want to send that mail and then send mail. Other mail clients, including Outlook Express, may approve the date and send it to the mail server with similar time or date.

If you want to send backdated mail, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Right-click on a clock of the PC in Windows 10.
  2. Click on the Adjust date and time option.
  3. Modify the date to that you want to and then tap on, Okay.
  4. Write then forward mail.

How Email Metadata Works

  1. As this process may work, the metadata still includes the right date. The plan may fail for various reasons.
  2. According to the mail is customize, the mail provider may overwrite the date and time.
  3. Succeeding the relay servers will not notice timestamp from PC and apply server time.
  4. The metadata of the mail server will display the time it has received mail from you and not a time that you have written it then send it.
  5. Before it is sent to the recipient, the received email server will stamp the right receipt time.

Making the SMTP Server

If you have old versions of Windows, specifically the server OS like Windows server 2000, then your PC must SMTP server on the computer, and all you need to execute is to switch it on and then configure to forward mails. Though Windows 10 has no SMTP server anymore. Luckily there are several free SMTP servers that you can download any of them. Remind that this can be a lot of trouble to make the mail date look different; however, if you want to, then this can be the only procedure to execute it. Remember that you must have the domain to execute the process.

hMail server is the free mail server. If you wish to download the hMail server, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Find a new version of hMailServer then download it.
  2. Run installer. You may approve a default value.
  3. Ensure to make records of an administrator password that you choose, you may require later.
  4. Tap on the Finish to finish installing.
  5. Press the localhost option in the hMailServer interface.
  6. Select the Connect option and then insert a password.
  7. Choose the Domains button.
  8. Hit the Add Domain option.
  9. Insert the domain name and tap on Save.
  10. Tap on the domain name in domain list at the left side of an interface.
  11. Tap on the Accounts subfolder option.
  12. Select the Add option and then insert account information for the mail account that you want to create on the domain.

Using Inspect Element to Change Webmail

If you want to to change webmail via inspect element, then abide by the given instructions:

  1. Launch the mail that you need to change in the Gmail account.
  2. Right-click on displayed date and then choose the Inspect option from the context section.
  3. Tap twice on time text below the gridcell in Element inspector.
  4. Modify the date and time that you need to show.
  5. Take the screenshot fast as the element will appear only for some seconds before the Chrome modifies to what the source HTML shows that its the right text.
  6. Crop the screenshot to display the mail with the changed date simply.
  7. Also, you can try to trim photos and forward, but it is based on how your professor will research on that problem.

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