How to Record from Two Different iPhones At the Same Time

Now you can record a video from two different iPhones at the same time with the help of an app called Double Take.

The software developer Filmic has released the new app to allow users to record the video from two or more iPhone. This app is named Double Take, which was previewed on iPhone 11. It will enable users to keep both video files apart, which allows users to set them split-screen or cut them, or capture the video feeds displayed alongside each other, a picture-in-picture. This technique can be used in the future by filmmakers.

This app is user-friendly and easy-to-handle as well. To start this, you have to select the camera form you want to record. Select the angle and shooting as Wide, Ultra-wide, aerial photo, and Closer. After which you have the options to select the frame rates out of 24, 25, and 30 fps. These frame rates don’t affect the pixels resolution of recording, which remains the same as 1080p (this is the maximum pixel resolution, the 4K is not available now). Lastly choose how you want to display the camera feed, after that just Start Recording.

The most common, practical, and easy mode is the Spilt-Screen. In this mode, the recording of one camera shown on one side and the other side the video recorded by the other camera is projected. While recording this the final video in the Library of DoubleTake will have a single video containing the recording of two different iPhone. This mode can be advantageous in the podcast recording and other similar situations, where the person needs to be in the center of the screen in complete video.

There is the other mode naming Picture in Picture (PiP in short). In this mode, the screen will be filled with the one camera recording, and while the recording screen will become small and it can be moved anywhere on the screen, it can be swipe off and on the screen according to the requirement. As you adjust the screen, the same will be displayed in the final video. In this mode, the screen too much responsive, without any lag. It seems like you are on a FaceTime call, with the highest quality of the video. It can be used in a podcast while constantly switching the screens on focus.

The last available mode in the app is named Discreet. It is beneficial for small film-makers. As per the view of the screen, it is the same as PiP, but in this mode, the app stores two discreet files with the resolution aspect of 16:9. This mode allows users to record video on an ultra-wide and wide shot at the same time having the same resolution of 1080p. Video recorded in this mode has a more clear quality in ultra-wide mode, and the lens calibration is automatic (which takes approx no time).

With the help of H.264 .mov, you can transfer the recorded video from the app’s gallery to the phone gallery in a bit of time.

Here users will find the Histogram button on the bottom of the screen, like the Filmic Pro. There it is with the controller’s exposure and focuses. Filmic announced that this app is free and always be free, not like the Filmic Pro, which is a paid app. There is no announcement of in-app purchase items for now.

This app is quick and also has a susceptible screen. Ultimately all apps fall in the gadget current condition and category. This app is not suitable for those users who want to record only a few videos that can use the usual camera without compromising any requirement. This app is sufficiently good for those who create videos on the professional level and wants video on different angles, it provides the video, but if you are using more than 2 iPhone, then it becomes hectic.

This app DoubleTake can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. It requires the iOS 13 to run on the device. So any device with the iOS can install it and start using it, but this app prefers the two generations of the iPhone, which includes devices of the X series and 11 Series. As per the company Filmic, the DoubleTake will take over the app Filmic Pro app by the spring.

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