Disney Prince Charming: Top Choices To Consider

You must have heard Disney is planning for a live-action remake, and a prince is going to get a movie to lead. The expectation is high that among these heroes, one can become the Prince Charming.

There are a number of questions that have been raised related to it. For instance, who shall be playing the role of this hero? Who shall be able to carry this role with full perfection? Who is handsome as well as a wonderful romantic actor? There is no end coming up with such questions.

10. Robert Pattinson

The actor Robert Pattinson is popular for playing the role of Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie series as well as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. The best part is he had proved himself in every type of films, starting from rom-coms to action. So it will not be wrong to call him an all-rounder actor.

9. Jesse Williams

Popular Jesse Williams is not only an actor but side by side, a wonderful model, producer, and director. He was seen in the movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods,’ ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2’, and ‘Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights’. He is most popular among the audience for doing the role of Dr Jackson Avery on ”Grey’s Anatomy”.

8. Tom Welling

The next one is ‘Tom Welling,’ and he did become a lead in Smallville because he played the role of Clark Kent. He is considered a Disney prince due to that act of his.

7. Dylan Minnette

After that comes Dylan Minnette, who has not only been part of famous shows but also wonderful thriller movies such as Let Me In, Don’t Breathe.

6. Mike Vogel

Handsome Mike Vogel has been seen in the year 2003 on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After that, he was present on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in the year 2005. Sometime later in the year 2013, his presence was displayed on Bates Motel. And during the duration from the year 2013 to 2015, he was shown in ‘Under the Dome.’

5. Nicholas Gonzalez

From time to time, he came to different stuff, such as ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ to ‘The O.C.’ and so on. He played leading roles on shows like Melrose Place, Sleepy Hollow, etc.

4. Liam Hemsworth

By his only two movies that is The Last Song and the Hunger Games, he won the heart of the audience. After watching him, no one can say that he is not suitable for the role of any prince.

3. J.R. Ramirez

The major achievement of J.R. Ramirez is Oscar Arocho on ‘Jessica Jones.’ He can be a good pick for Disney prince. Casting him shall be a fantastic decision.

2. Henry Golding

Recently Henry Golding has been seen and gave a hit of Crazy Rich Asians and Last Christmas. Viewers will love to continue seeing him in the upcoming movie.

1. Matt Bomer

Stunning Matt Bomer is present in ‘All My Children,’ ‘Chuck White Collar’, and many more thus making him a good contender.

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